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Welcome to Students First ADHD Academic Coaching

If you or your child is struggling to succeed academically and you need effective solutions, I can help.

I am:

  • An experienced Ontario Certified Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology
  • A Specialist in Special Education with a variety of classroom experience as well as more than a decade as a Special Education Consultant
  • A professionally trained coach with years of practical experience coaching students
  • A parent of a son who is diagnosed with ADHD and Learning Disabilities
  • A winner of the Distinguished Teacher of the year Award

Even though I thoroughly understand the educational labyrinth, my husband and I struggled to find the appropriate academic support appropriate for our son’s needs. If we floundered with all of my experience, skills and insider knowledge, then what a confusing maze it must be for you! I can help.

I not only understand struggling students from the perspective of a parent, an academic and a skilled educator – but because I also have ADHD, I know exactly what it feels like to be drowning academically. I get it from all perspectives. I also know what it feels like to rise above the challenges and successfully achieve my personal goals.

I would love to help your family.

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To find out how I can help your child unlock their potential to create a productive future, please contact me today at or call me at 416-434-8726.