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Services Offered

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Individual Tutoring for ADHD/LD students in Grade 6 and beyond

I coach students so they successful develop strategies to s overcome their unique challenges, whatever they may be.

Academic Coaching for ADHD/LD students in high school and college or university

I help students move forward confidently into the next phase of their lives by teaching them practical skills for organizing themselves appropriately in a busy world. Any transition is uniquely challenging for ADHD/LD students but these students are particularly vulnerable at peak times in their educational journey such as from elementary to high school and of course the choices beyond secondary school. I help them with planning, time management and accountability by developing their unique plans designed to reduce anxiety and maximize success.

Parent Coaching Groups

I offer group sessions by tele-conference to parents struggling to support their student with academic issues. Topics are posted regularly on my web site but typical group coaching sessions involve topics such as:

  • Taming the Chas – Establishing back to school routines for success
  • The importance of the IEP and IPRC meetings and developing positive relationships with teachers
  • Motivation and study habits
  • Dealing with procrastination

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To find out how I can help your child unlock their potential to create a productive future, please contact me today at or call me at 416-434-8726.