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LD/ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching

“Working with Ann has allowed me to achieve my highest potential. She provided me with the skills and techniques I needed to succeed in a rigorous and demanding academic environment. Using a variety of diverse exercises and methods she was able help me work past my disabilities and earn higher academic marks. I am currently enrolled in a graduate program and applying to medical school in the fall and I credit my success to the skills Ann taught me!” — Jeff Wisniowski

I was Jeff Wisniowski’s ADHD coach during the Edge Foundation study in 2010. He was enrolled in Northeastern University in Boston, hoping to be accepted into medical school. He has been! He was interviewed by Nicole Brodeur of the Seattle Times regarding the benefits of coaching in his life.

Does your child:

  • Have trouble concentrating?
  • Need substantially more time than classmates to complete assignments?
  • Forget, avoid and procrastinate their way through life?
  • Struggle academically despite a high level of intelligence?

I know the story! From the nightmare locker scene to the bedroom that Time forgot. From the panicked last ditch effort to complete an assignment to the panicked realization that the deadline was last week. I’ve lived it and now I coach students how to avoid it.

I offer academic coaching, a solution-based service that is customized around the unique needs of your ADHD/LD son or daughter. I carefully blend a variety of coaching and mentoring processes together to champion the innate strengths of your child. I am the guide by their side who cheers their successes and quickly pulls them back on their feet when they falter on their journey.

Coaching is my life and my passion, and I offer steady coaching support for High School, University, College and returning mature students in the following key areas:

  • Planning and organization
  • Time management skills
  • Study skills
  • Effective written language

I take a highly methodical yet flexible approach to my work as an Educational Coach, and I have a special ability to motivate and challenge through powerful, insightful questions.

To put your child on the road to achieving to the level of their capability, please contact me today at or call me at 416-434-8726.

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