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LD/ADHD Parent Coaching

ADHD Parent Coaching

Did you ever realize how difficult it would be, being a parent? Parents are totally responsible for the safety, welfare, education of their ever-changing and maturing child! If being a parent is challenging; it is even more challenging to be a parent of a child with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities.

I understand how difficult the challenges on family life can be – I am the mother of an ADHD son! Siblings frequently resent the attention given to the “special one” and some days it is like walking on egg shells as the behaviour can be unpredictable, erratic and inconsistent. Just getting washed and dressed in the morning can be an arduous task.

  • Are you exhausted trying to analyze and prepare for every situation?
  • Are you exhausted trying to locate support resources?
  • Are you exhausted trying to advocate at the school on behalf of your child?
  • Are you frustrated trying to find activities where they can flourish?

Over the years I have found that parents often feel alone, lost and overwhelmed about how to help their child. If this describes you then I may be able to offer you support.

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To find out how I can help you help your child unlock their potential to create a productive future, please contact me today at or call me at 416-434-8726.