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LD/ADHD Tutoring

ADHD Tutoring
  • Has your child been diagnosed with learning disabilities or ADHD?
  • Is your child struggling with subjects that demand written language skills?
  • Is your child defensive and uncommunicative about school?
  • Are you afraid your child is falling through the educational system’s cracks?
  • Are you fearful the school system cannot provide enough support to ensure your child’s success?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, Students First can help.

ADHD/LD students often miss a lot of classroom instruction. Frequent interruptions, high noise levels, inconsistent scheduling and a lack of structured routines all contribute to loss of focus and concentration. It often means these kids are quietly getting lost in a system that works reasonably well for everyone else; they might be falling through the cracks.

While your child seems perfectly capable and competent, somehow they never know what is expected of them or when assignments are due. It’s enough to drive a parent to distraction!

ADHD Tutoring

Decades of training and experience allow me to understand each student’s individual needs. I have a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, decades of hands-on experience as a special education teacher, many years as the parent of an ADHD/LD child and a vast range of practical compensations and techniques developed in response to my own ADD condition.

My background means I can quickly and easily determine precisely where your child is on the academic continuum and I can suggest immediate interventions to support them. I give customized assistance to each student I work with and I provide learning strategies specific to their own needs. I work cooperatively with schools where appropriate so skills are not taught in isolation.

The end result is that I enhance your child’s strengths and interests so their self-confidence and motivation increase. I embed organization, planning, priority setting and study skills in everything I do with your child so they stay on track and begin their pursuit of academic excellence.

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To find out how I can help your child unlock their potential to create a productive future, please contact me today at or call me at 416-434-8726.