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Classroom Modification Teaching Strategies

  When you see this behaviour Try this solution
Classroom setup Easily distracted by classroom activity or by activity through the door or windows Seat student front and centre away from distractions
Is unaware of personal space, reaches across desks to talk to or touch other students Increase distance between desks
Acts out in class to gain negative attention Seat student near good role model
Assignments Is unable to complete work within given time Allow extra time to complete assigned work
Does well at the beginning of an assignment but quality of work decreases toward the end Break long assignments into smaller parts; shorten assignments or work periods
Has difficulty following instructions Pair written instructions with oral instructions
Distractibility Is unable to complete work within given time Allow extra time to complete assigned work
Complains that lessons are boring Seek to involve student in lesson presentations
Is easily distracted Cue student to stay on task with a private signal
Turns in work with careless errors Schedule 5 minute period to check over work before turning in homework or tests; Teach students how to proof read and edit
Behaviours Fails to see point of lesson or activity Increase immediacy of rewards and consequences
Blurts out answers or interrupts others Acknowledge correct answers only when hand is raised and student is called upon
Needs reinforcement Send daily/weekly progress reports home
Needs long-term help with improving behaviour Set up behaviour contract
Organization & Planning Can’t keep track of papers Color code each subject then buy binders, books etc that match each subject. Buy accordion folder labeled for each subject for loose pages if child is in rotary subjects and can’t carry binders.
Has trouble remembering homework assignments Provide student with assignment book; supervise writing down of assignments’
Loses books Extra set of texts at home
Restlessness Needs to move around Allow student to run errands or stand ay time while working
Has difficulty focusing for long periods of time Provide short breaks between assignments; Thinking object in pocket to fiddle when needed; Quiet timer (hour glass)
Moods/socialization Is unclear as to appropriate social behaviours Set up social behavior goals with student and implement reward program
Does not work well with others Encourage cooperate learning tasks
Is not respected by peers Assign special responsibilities in presence of peer group
Has low self confidence Compliment positive behavior and work; give student opportunity to act in leadership role
Appears lonely or with drawn Encourage social interactions with classmates; plan teacher-directed group activities
Is easily frustrated Acknowledge appropriate behaviour and good work frequently
Is easily angered Encourage student to walk away from angering situations; spend time talking to student

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