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Using Your Best Style to Learn

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What Is Important About Learning Styles?

Simply put, using your learning style is your best method of learning. It is important to know and understand your personal learning style in order to develop effective study methods. Matching your style to specific study techniques will help to make sense of the information and help it be stored in memory more effectively. There are three main learning preferences:

  1. Auditory (hearing)
  2. Visual (seeing)
  3. Kinesthetic (doing)

The ideas that follow are by no means absolute, but the intent is to help you assist your child when they are doing homework or studying.

Strategies for Auditory Learners

  • Read instructions out loud or sub-vocalize if in class
  • Make up a rhyme or a song with information in it
  • Say the words in syllables
  • Read the text into a tape recorder and listen to it as review
  • Join a study group where you can discuss main ideas
  • Make up mnemonics
  • Sit towards the front of the classroom so you can hear well
  • Stay away from doors, windows etc to cut out distracting noise
  • Listen to soft music with no lyrics

Strategies for Visual Learners

  • Take notes
  • Use colour coded highlighting
  • Use graph paper to help make charts and diagrams to illustrate key concepts
  • Use mind maps and visual chains
  • Use a computer to help with organization
  • Think in pictures
  • Use photographs and clip to illustrate
  • Underline key words
  • Use Cornell note taking method
  • Use flash cards to help rehearse (questions on 1 side; answers on the other)
  • Remember important terms by looking for a part of the word your know & make connections

Strategies for Kinesthetic/Tactile Learners

  • Participate in class discussions
  • Ask questions and look for the answers when studying
  • Highlight, underline and take notes
  • Do something physical before studying
  • Take regular, brief breaks
  • Move a body part or walk around if it helps you concentrate
  • Use your hands when studying and explaining concepts to yourself
  • Write list repeatedly
  • Sit near the front of the classroom and always take notes
  • Purchase a ball seat
  • Make models
  • Tape your study notes and listen to them while exercising
  • Read on a stationary bike

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