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Testimonials for Tutoring, Coaching and Learning Solutions


“I found Ann through the LDAO (Learning Disabilities Assoc. of Ont.) who assured me she “knew her stuff”. I can confidently say that Ann does way more than that. She endeavours to get inside each student’s head to help decode how her students uniquely process information.

Ann has helped me understand my child better. She has advocated on our behalf with the school and teachers to help create an easier learning environment for my son. My son also loves going to Ann’s tutoring sessions (a child who likes tutoring?!?). He knows she will be firm when needed, give a hug when necessary but also complete tasks with a smile and a laugh. My son’s grades have improved but more importantly his self-esteem has risen and I attribute that largely to Ann. She would not allow my son to say he couldn’t but has taught him to say “I’ll try that” and given him the tools and the confidence to do so, which is a fabulous attitude in life.
Thanks Ann!” — Diane

“Ann has had an exceptional impact on my daughter’s life. She has armed my daughter with the tools to succeed in the classroom but more importantly, Ann has been a constant source of inspiration, encouragement and support.” — DL

“Ann has the ability to take the natural interests of an individual child and turn them into exciting learning opportunities.” — MB

“At Student’s First, child has learned many things. She has learned how to structure her approach to school work and how to use study aids in ways that help overcome her learning disability. She has learned interesting things about the world around her through creatively thought out assignments. Most importantly she has learned that she is capable.” — AB

“I love it. I really love it.” – that is what Sam said when I asked her what she would say if she was asked to do a testimonial for Ann. — Heather

“Ann was referred to us by a parent in our community. My son has ADD (inattentive type) and we needed additional support. He has now been seeing Ann for 3 years … and he enjoys going! Ann is warm, funny and builds on my son’s interests to make learning fun. While he struggled in his earlier years, his most recent report card was all B+’s and A’s. He is thrilled, and we are so thankful for Ann’s guidance. ” — A grateful Parent.

“Ann has taught our child the fundamentals for school and life. She has instilled a sense of ownership when it comes to homework and has instilled an appreciation for learning. The days of micromanaging homework completion are behind us. When we discuss homework now, it is on a much higher level – how what they are learning applies to real life. We also see our child as a “go-to” person when peers are struggling. Thanks to Ann, for her energy, her discipline and most importantly, her deep concern for our child.” — Christine

“Annie worked with our student in the context of our family and values, and helped source and implement accommodations to enable and facilitate high school diploma achievement that might otherwise not have been possible. Annie’s breadth of experience and empathy with personalities and her knowledge of education systems helped us to execute a timely navigation of a sometimes byzantine path.” — Catherine S

“Ann has provided tutoring and coaching services to both my children. She was able to achieve results that no one else could while at the same time building their self-esteem and allowing them grow and develop to be all they can be.” — Julie S

“Working with Ann has allowed me to achieve my highest potential. She provided me with the skills and techniques I needed to succeed in a rigorous and demanding academic environment. Using a variety of diverse exercises and methods she was able help me work past my disabilities and earn higher academic marks. I am currently enrolled in a graduate program and applying to medical school in the fall and I credit my success to the skills Ann taught me!” — Jeff Wisniowski”

“Ann is a dedicated teacher/mentor/coach with full appreciation for the difficulties that struggling students face in our current education system and the lack of acceptance/stigma that inherently accompanies some of those difficulties. She strives to create equality of success among students, salvaging their self-esteem and paving the way for their academic success through her instruction.” — Barb J

“Ann is a dedicated educator who effectively uses her knowledge of students, her extensive teaching background, effective learning strategies and a variety of technology supports to ensure students receive the help they need to become effective and confident learners. Working with Ann was a pleasure. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to parents, students and educators.” — Kendra Grant, Learning Design Specialist, Strategic Transitions

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